Hair Wraps

The Hair Wrap - It's a "No Braider"

The Hair Wrap is elegant to wear, yet simple to use. It really is a “No Braider.” You can wear it wrapped around your ponytail for an instant braided look, or try a French-braided look without all of the work. Have fun and experiment with your Hair Wrap. Create your own look.

Hair Wrap or Jewel Wrap?

Both our Hair Wraps and Jewel Wraps are made from synthetic leather. Our original version, the Hair Wrap, has metal slider beads and interchangeable charms. The newer Jewel wrap, has Czech crystal slider beads. The beautiful iridescent crystal beads will keep their loveliness for a long time - they won't be easily scuffed as a plastic bead would. The Jewel Wrap is lighter and blingier - perfect for formal evenings or an intimate dinner.

Because the material we use is essentially fabric, it is hand-washable.

What Size Do I Need?

Hair Wraps are available in 8 lengths and 10 colours, with your choice of many different charms.

To determine the length of Hair Wrap that is right for you, consider the following: 

The “Tweenie” is designed to wrap just a section of hair, but may also be used for a minimal look in longer hair. It is an excellent choice for youngsters. For shoulder-length hair (approximately 4 inches/10 centimetres from the nape) select “Short”.

If your hair comes to your shoulder blades (up to 8 inches/20 centimetres long), choose a “Medium”. For mid-back length (up to 12 inches/30 centimetres), “Long” will be best for you.

For very long hair (about 16 inches/40 centimetres), choose “Extra Long”. Still not long enough? Try the “XX-Long” or the “XXX-Long”(the one we call “Oh Wow!”).

Having said all that, you may need to go with a longer wrap if your hair is very thick or a shorter wrap if you have thinner hair.  Also, the French-Braid look requires a longer wrap than the Basic Wrap look.