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Jewel Wraps

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The Jewel Wrap

While the Hair Wrap is made of leather and metal beads, the Jewel Wrap is made of Ultrasuede® and Czech crystal beads and does not have charms. It’s lighter and blingier—perfect for those formal evenings, or that intimate dinner.  

WHEN ORDERING, PLEASE USE THE COMMENTS SECTION TO INDICATE WHICH BEAD COLOUR YOU WANT (Black or Clear)- Thank you for your patience while we work on our site.

The Jewel Wrap - It's a "No Braider"

The Jewel Wrap is elegant to wear, yet simple to use. It really is a “No Braider.” You can wear it wrapped around your ponytail for an instant braided look, or try a French-braided look without all of the work. Have fun and experiment with your Jewel Wrap. Create your own look!  

How do they work?

Start by putting your ponytail through the loop at the end of the Jewel Wrap – then slide a bead snugly against your hair.  Put the ponytail back through the loop and slide another bead. Continue until you have used up all of the beads.

All of our looks start with some, or all of the hair in a ponytail holder; this gives the Hair Wrap an anchoring point. You may find this to be unnecessary, especially if your hair has lots of texture. If you have fine, silky hair, the ponytail holder is a “must;” stock up on holders that match the colour of your Jewel Wrap.

All of these looks are achieved simply by sliding beads to hold the hair in place. Weave the ponytail through loops in the Jewel Wrap, securing it each time with a bead.

What size do I need

Jewel Wraps are available in 8 lengths and 10 colours, with your choice of many different charms.

To determine the length of Jewel Wrap that is right for you, consider the following: 

The “Tweenie” is designed to wrap just a section of hair, but may also be used for a minimal look in longer hair. It is an excellent choice for youngsters. For shoulder-length hair (approximately 4 inches/10 centimetres from the nape) select “Short”.

If your hair comes to your shoulder blades (up to 8 inches/20 centimetres long), choose a “Medium”. For mid-back length (up to 12 inches/30 centimetres), “Long” will be best for you.

For very long hair (about 16 inches/40 centimetres), choose “Extra Long”. Still not long enough? Try the “XX-Long” or the “XXX-Long” (the one we call “Oh Wow!”).

Having said all that, you may need to go with a longer wrap if your hair is very thick or a shorter wrap if you have thinner hair.  Also, the French-Braid look requires a longer wrap than the Basic Wrap look.


The Basic Wrap
To do the basic wrap, start by sliding all of the beads toward the bottom of the Jewel Wrap. Slip the ponytail through the resulting loop, placing the leather just above the ponytail holder. (fig 1) With the ends above the head, slide the first bead down snugly against the hair so it is on top of the ponytail. (fig 2) Bring the Jewel Wrap down underneath your ponytail (fig 3) and slide the next bead up against the hair. (fig 4) Continue alternating, front and back, (above and below the ponytail) until all of the beads have been used. (figs 5-8) Another technique is to use the beads only on the outside or top of the ponytail. Simply twist the leather (as you would elastic) on the underside, (fig 9) and use double beads on the outside. For variety, take your beaded ponytail and wrap it into a bun—a couple of hair pins and voila, instant elegance. Pictured is size Medium.

The Tweenie

Pictured here are three different ways to wear a Tweenie.  In the first photo we have simply wrapped the Tweenie around a section of hair and slid all three beads together.  In the middle photo, the Tweenie is wrapped around a full ponytail as in the “Simple Wrap”. It wraps only the top of the ponytail – the rest of the hair remains unwrapped for an elegant “minimalist” look.  In the last photo, only a section of hair is wrapped.  Because a smaller volume of hair is being wrapped, you get an extra wrap.  All three beads are on the outside of the ponytail and the leather is twisted on the underneath side.

The French Braid
For a French-Braided look, start by sliding the beads toward the bottom of the Jewel Wrap. Wrap the starting loop around a small ponytail near the crown. (fig 10) Hold the Jewel Wrap at right angles to your head and slide the first bead snugly against the side of your ponytail. (fig 11) Take a section of hair from the opposite side to where you put the first bead. Add this hair to the original small ponytail. (fig 12) Now bring the Hair Wrap to the opposite side of your head, putting the now larger ponytail through the loop. (fig 13) Slide the second bead snugly up to the hair. (fig 14) Continue adding sections of hair alternately from each side until you’re finished. (figs 15-16) Always keep the braid close to your head as you slide the beads. Centre the last bead and you’re done! Size medium was used for this as well.

The Inverted French Braid

This one is very elegant, yet simple to do. Start by making a small ponytail near the crown as you did for the French Braid, but this time the bead will be centered on the top of the hair (not the side). (fig 17) Now section off some hair from both sides and put the sections through the loop—over the leather and in. (fig 18) Slide up the next bead. (fig 19) Continue adding sections from both sides, (fig 20) and securing them with a bead. (fig 21) We used size Medium for this illustration.

The Simplified French Braid
For a simplified French-Braided look, start by gathering the top layer of hair into a ponytail, (we usually start just above the ears). Slip the hair through the loop of the wrap with the ends up, and slide the first bead against the hair. (fig 22) Now section off half of the remaining hair (fig 23) and add it to the first layer. (fig 24) Bring the leather underneath, (fig 25) twist it (fig 26) to bring it back to the outside, (fig 27) and slide two beads into place. (fig 28) Finally, add the remaining hair, (fig 29) do another twist, (fig 30) go back to the outside, and secure it with the next two beads. (fig 31) Keep the hair close to your head as you slide the beads. Depending on the length of your Hair Wrap, you may be finished If not, continue wrapping the hair in the basic look, or be creative and try something different. We used size Short for this illustration.

What if ...?
If, after wrapping, you find the wrap doesn’t quite fit here are a couple of things to try. If the wrap is too long, (beads and leather left over) shorten up the spacing between wraps. Conversely, if it seems too short, make the wraps further apart. If the leather is longer than you need (which is more likely to happen with finer hair), use the beads only on the outside of the hair, and twist the leather on the underside. If you have too many beads (more likely with thick hair), you can slide two or more beads at a time, either on the front or the back of the braid.

Having the beads too tight results in a stiff-looking braid. The first and last bead should be snug, but relax a bit on the beads in between.

Experiment a bit, and have fun. We would love to see pictures of the looks you create.

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