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Tweenie Hair Wraps
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Tweenie Hair Wraps

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The Hair Wrap - It's a "No Braider"

Different to the Jewel Wrap, the Hair Wrap is made with metal slider beads and has interchangeable charms (see Charming, below).  

The “Tweenie” is designed to wrap just a section of hair, but may also be used for a minimal look in longer hair. It is an excellent choice for youngsters.                    

How do they work?

Click here for a quick introduction to how Hair Wraps work.


Notice that the charms are on a clip. The Hair Wrap comes with the charms you choose, but have fun finding other “charms” to use. Old drop earrings, Christmas decorations, etc. make great Hair Wrap charms. Look in your jewellery box. Make them match, or not. Or order additional charms from us.

Cat Celtic Heart Celtic Knot Dolphin Mother and Baby Dragon
Dream Catcher


Feather Filigree Butterfly Filigree Heart


The Basic Wrap 

The Basic Wrap is a simple way of making your ponytail look braided. Click here to see how it works.

The Tweenie

The Tweenie is our entry level size. You can get lots of fun looks with the least effort. Click here to see how it works.

The Simplified French Braid

Here's a look you may have done before using elastics. This one is kinder to your hair. Click here to see how it works.

The French Braid

Lacking dexterity? This one's for you! It's a "no braider". Click here to see how it works.

The Inverted French Braid

This weave has the biggest "WOW factor" of them all. Super elegant, yet simple to do. Click here to see how it works.

What if ...?

If, after wrapping, you find the wrap doesn’t quite fit here are a couple of things to try. Click here more information.

Experiment a bit, and have fun. We would love to see pictures of the looks you create - use our Social Media links in the footer section of our website!

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