About Ear Curls

The Ear Curl, inspired by the current fashion of multiple piercings, is a single earring that appears to require several piercings, but needs only one. Each of our products stems from this original design.

A Vancouver native, Shirley Searle grew up in her family's lapidary business. She is a successful entrepreneur, accountant and computer software designer. Besides her creativity with jewellery, Shirley enjoys doing beaded embroidery, dressmaking and water colour painting.

Shirley lives on North Pender Island, one of the southernmost of B.C.'s beautiful Gulf Islands. Pender has a permanent population of approximately 2000, swelling to nearly 5000 in the summer. The people of the Penders have a strong sense of community and a well developed interest in the theatre, arts and crafts. Recently the Penders community built a beautiful new Community Hall and have purchased Medicine Beach and Brooks Point to preserve the natural habitat of the island. Annually islanders host art shows and a Christmas Crafts Fair. A Farmers Market operates every Saturday morning during the summer.